How our Programme works:

Our recreational classes aim to maximize fun while learning in order to promote confidence through strength, flexibility, balance, and coordination. We encourage all of our gymnasts to work at their own pace and achieve skills as they continually attend classes on a weekly basis.

Rhythmic Gymnastics : We also offer recreational Rhythmic beginners classes (1/1.5 hours depending on child’s age and skill level determined by a rhythmic coach). Rhythmic Gymnastics is a different discipline of gymnastics and focuses on floor skills, flexibility, coordination, and dance choreography while incorporating “apparatus” ie ball, hoop, ribbon, clubs.

Recreation & Competitive Gymnastics : It is important to remember that our recreational classes are designed for children of all ages and ability levels, to start gymnastics and give children the ability to progress in the discipline, Our competitive groups require an invitation from a Club Coach directly and will be offered to the gymnasts that show advance abilities for their ages. There are currently no competitions offered at the Recreational level; however, there is the GymSTART Challenge, a participation event organised by Gymnastics Ireland in November of each year that all recreational gymnasts may take part in. More information regarding registration for this event to follow closer to the time.

Class Fees : ‘Membership and Insurance’ is an annual fee renewed each September. Current members must re-register and pre-pay term fees for the following term during the designated times advised by administration to secure their place in classes. All fees are non-refundable. There is no automatic registration facility, and we do not hold places from one term to the next unless you contact us during member re-registration. Re-registration will occur towards the end of the current term and before the new term commences. Dates will be emailed, advertised on our Facebook page: Excel Gymnastics Celbridge, and posted in reception.

Moving to the Next Level :The recreational artistic classes we offer (for both girls and boys) are: Level 1 – 1 hour; Level 2 – 1.5 hours; Level 3 – 2 hours; Level 4 – 3 hours. We also offer Pre-Teens 9 – 12 year olds (1.5 hours) and Teenagers 12 – 16 years (2 hours). [Only the Recreational Class Director or individual coach may determine the skill and class level of our gymnasts.]

Assessments of skills happen on a regular basis by the individual coach of each group, there are no specific “assessment or testing days”. If a coach determines that your child has achieved the required skills to move up a class level within our recreational programme, you will be notified directly by your child’s coach or the Recreational Class Director, Stephanie.

Miss a Class ? : As all of our recreational classes are full, make-up classes may be facilitated where a class has been cancelled one day or more in advance; and only where space in an alternative class allows. Therefore, make-up classes are not guaranteed and cannot be carried over into the next term.


What to wear and bring:

Your child should wear tracksuit bottoms/leggings/shorts and a t-shirt tucked in, tight-fitting athletic gear, or a leotard where possible.

Children will go into the gym in socks or bare feet.

All hair must be tied back tightly, preferably in plaits or a bun.

You may bring a bottle of water only and leave it in the reception area.

Please Note: we are a NUT FREE ZONE.


Before class all participants must:

Remove shoes and any jewellery.

Have a drink of water and use the toilets, if necessary.

Scan in at reception desk to mark your attendance for that session.

Children should wait in an orderly fashion in the corridor until their coach calls them into the gym.

Siblings are not permitted to take part in classes where they are not registered.

No parents are allowed into the gym area. Parents may observe classes from our reception area, but from experience, we have noticed that children may become distracted much more easily when parents or siblings stay for the duration of the class.


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