Excel Gymnastics Term Calendar 2022/2023

Autumn Term : 29th August 2022-21st December 2022

Winter Term: 4th January 2023 - 1st April 2023

Spring Term: 17th April 2023 - 1st July 2023

Summer Term: 3rd July 2023 - TBC 


Excel Gymnastics Term Calendar 2021/2022

Summer Term: 4th July 2022 - 20th August 2022 


Excel Gymnastics Club is committed to creating a positive and friendly environment whereby all members have equal opportunity to develop professionally and have fun from the very first steps to well into your prime.

Our classes operate on a term by term basis. Fees are due in full before the start of each term.

Excel Gymnastics training programmes strive to provide a fun, satisfying and challenging environment that develops teamwork, confidence, determination and creativity. Gymnastics allows children to develop good ‘basics’ for many activities and sports. A wide range of gymnastics movements and skills can be seen in our sessions; apparatus work (bars, beam, vault, floor, trampoline, rings etc), games, relays, stretching, physical challenges, basic body positions, tight body drills, the use of hand held equipment (hoops, balls skipping ropes etc) display work, partner and group activities.


Excel Gymnastics has a three tier structure for its main disciplines, WAG (Women’s Artistic Gymnastics), MAG (Men’s Artistic Gymnastics), Rhythmic Gymnastics: Recreational, Academy and Club Programmes.  


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